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About Us

cOlture is a movement/collective of all art forms for the new generation originating in South Orange and Maplewood NJ.  The "O" in cOlture represents the strong circle of people we have and the potential we possess.  Our goal is to inspire and to get us young people to work together to show the world what we can accomplish. We plan to do this by gathering artists of all fields to associate themselves/join cOlture. We as a group will work on projects to promote, and grow cOlture to eventually become something of significance. Drawing, painting, graphic design, singing, rapping, photography, dancing, etc. Any artistic talent you have regardless of what it is can be a part of this collective.  From an artists' perspective, cOlture can be very beneficial to you as well. We will help promote you as an artist and make sure you are recognized for what you do.  If you have a show, we will get the buzz up, if you have piece of your work in an art gallery we'll make sure to let everyone know, if you are working on a project we will assist you.  Whatever it is, we will cater to your needs.  The relationship you will form with this collective will be a very beneficially mutual one.  Most importantly, we ALL represent the same thing; cOlture is a part of you and you are a part of cOlture. Always remember what our goal is and be proud that you are a part of a group of people who are all trying to build up an empire and demonstrate not just our individual talents, but the strength of these talents being used together as united people.  The potential is endless.













twitter; @thecOlture


YouTube; cOltureTV



Darius Titus and Tyler Eng-Wong





Est. 2015


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